Advantages of Concrete Walkways for your Property

March 24, 2023

Whether it be for a home or for a business, having a walkway can spruce up the look of your property while simultaneously making it a lot more accessible to people. A good walkway can accent your lawn and landscaping by directing how a person walks around the area. Today, walkways are made using a variety of materials, including stone, wood, mulch, bricks, glass, etc. Among all these different materials, concrete is the most popular and, arguably, the most versatile and advantageous material that can be used for creating a walkway. Used in construction since as early as the mid-nineteenth century, concrete is a reliable and efficient material that can be used in different areas of your construction project, including driveways and walkways. Let us now look at some of the common advantages of using concrete walkways on your property. 

It is Durable

Just like your property, your walkway too is built with longevity in mind. Having to rework the walkway every few years can end up being an enormous waste of both time and money. For example, materials like wood can be easily affected by environmental factors like rain and moisture and might need to be regularly maintained. Concrete does not have this problem. If applied properly, it can last for multiple decades without any serious structural damage. The fact that even today, megadams that store enormous amounts of water are made using concrete is a testament to the high durability of the material. 

It is Affordable

Compared to other materials like wood and glass, concrete is a budget-friendly solution for building walkways. The raw materials required to build concrete are cement, water, and aggregates, which are cheap and readily available. The average concrete walkway can cost around $10 per square foot, while this can go as high as $20 per square foot for paver walkways. With respect to maintenance too, concrete is far more affordable than other materials. It is not prone to rust like metals or rot like wood, and the binder will not dry out fast as it does with asphalt. 

It is Sustainable

The long life cycle of concrete makes it a lot more environmentally sustainable than materials like asphalt. Also, while asphalt needs to be heated to extremely high temperatures before mixing, concrete can be mixed and applied at room temperature in an energy-efficient manner. Concrete is also unique in the sense that it is 100% recyclable. Companies frequently recycle almost all of the unused concrete they produce. Today, manufacturers have also started to produce "green" concrete that is made using residual materials from different industries, boosting its sustainability. 

It is Versatile

With concrete, you have the option of experimenting with different shapes and finishes as per your preference. When poured, concrete can be shaped or cast in different ways. Thus, your walkway can be straight or curved, narrow or wide, and tall or flat, depending on your personal preference. You also have different finishing options like stamping, staining, acid washing, etc. Stamped concrete walkways, for example, can mimic materials like wood, stone, and brick while retaining all the practical benefits like affordability and durability that concrete offers. In the end, you can even paint it in different colors to match your property and lawn. 

Concrete is also the perfect all-weather material for construction projects. Snow can be easily shoveled off the surface during winter, and one can also use appropriate de-icing agents to prevent slippage. In summer, concrete walkways absorb considerably less heat than asphalt, keeping it cool under the blazing sun. Finally, concrete can prevent rainwater from seeping into and damaging the foundations of your property.

It Improves Accessibility

People with mobility issues usually have a hard time navigating around unpaved surfaces like grass and lawns. Walkways made from materials like wood, stones, mulch, gravel, etc., also present problems for such people because the uneven surface isn’t suitable for mobility aids like wheelchairs and crutches. Concrete walkways, on the other hand, are usually level and evenly surfaced, helping prevent trips and falls. If you or any of your family members are affected by mobility issues, concrete walkways would be the most effective and affordable solution for you. Also, most states in the country require businesses to provide accommodations that improve accessibility for people with mobility issues, including wheelchair-friendly ramps and walkways. 

Thus, if you want a versatile, sustainable, and durable walkway that won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket, concrete is the way to go. Modern concrete walkways have come a long way from being just dull gray installations. They can be shaped to your preference, customized to suit the location and application, and painted in various attractive colors. Different new finishing methods like stamping and staining also drastically improve the aesthetics of concrete walkways, making them an attractive choice for young home and business owners. At Evergreen Exterior, we offer complete and comprehensive installation and maintenance for concrete fixtures, including walkways. Check out our stamped concrete products, which can go a long way in highlighting your property and landscape. Request a quote online or call us at (804) 994-8950 today. 

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