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Smith-Evergreen Concrete is here to help you present your home not only in its best appearance but for all those who will visit and see it. A driveway can make or break the first impression of a visitor - so let us create one that leaves them wanting more! When creating our driveways, we take care of everything including adding decorative details like pavers between paving stones on paths leading up from street level where drivers easily identify their destination by sight alone; subtle yet effective changes such as reusing an old doorway's threshold stone at the entry point instead replacing anything new which requires unnecessary expense – plus these tasks might even inspire ideas about other projects around exterior areas.

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The benefits of having a Smith-Evergreen Concrete Driveway:
New Concrete Installation & Pouring
Stamped Concrete
Driveways & Parking
Concrete Repairs
Concrete Refinishing & Resurfacing
Unlimited Load-Bearing Capacity
+ A Range of Custom Projects & Work

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The exterior of your home is one of the first things that come to mind when you are considering updating. A brand new Smith-Evergreen Concrete driveway can provide a fresh and stylish look for any property, while also providing perfect traction in all weather conditions. A durable and protective surface is also important in keeping vehicles safe from all weather conditions, especially where water can seep through the ground easily if the pavement isn’t properly drained not only will this lead to puddles forming on your property but could potentially cause damage as well.
Repairing, building, and pouring new concrete driveways in Richmond, VA is a common project for us, and one that we have done a lot of. If you are in need of concrete driveway services in Richmond, give us a call. We'll be glad to meet with you and talk about the options that come with a new driveway. With new driveways or repairs to existing concrete driveways, you have finish options to choose from. We're experts in all applications, from simply brushed concrete finishes to exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. You're in good hands with Smith-Evergreen.

Concrete resurfacing has multiple ways to repair and revamp older concrete. During the rough winters, if you're shoveling snow off of gravel it can be all mess with moving all the dirt and gravel. If you want a simple easy-clean, we highly recommend doing more finished concrete for your driveway. To keep the cleanest of the concrete driveway area, you can power wash the surface and remove any dirt and grime that might be there. Any cracks or holes can be easily filled and covered with an application that bonds with the concrete material already present.

Installing a concrete driveway, if your neighborhood has a homeowner's association they might have rules on a particular way to install your driveway. Then, we go straight into outlining the size, shape, and route of your driveway. You may also want to consider the number and size of your vehicles. To determine how much concrete, we will need to figure out the measurements from length and width. With the benefit of working with Smith Evergreen, we are able to do an on-site estimate where we would go over the design and cost of your concrete project.

To make sure we are able to construct the concrete driveway in the area, we first need to determine if the soil in the area is very loose and not stable for the weight of concrete. We start by laying out stakes and building reinforcement of the shape of the driveway. Then, pour the concrete into the area and level out the slab. Before the concrete dries completely, we will need to put in an inch separation joint engraved in the concrete. For driveways, you want to have traction, especially in various weather conditions. We would drag a broom or a burlap sack along with the concrete to allow the tires to grip. The final stage is curing the concrete, making sure we cover the concrete with plastic sheets or wet curing blankets which protects your concrete driveway from extreme weather conditions. Wait about a few days for the concrete to dry, then you can park your vehicles on your new Smith Evergreen Concrete driveway.

What our clients are saying

  • Sam and the team at Smith Evergreen are absolutely awesome. They did a great job, it turned out fantastic. My neighbors already asked for their info. Thank you!
    Mike Clute
  • My sidewalk is finally even, and our steps are nicely spaced!
  • Widening our walkway made our front yard so much more inviting
Welcome to Smith Evergreen Concrete, Richmond Virginia's newest concrete contractor. While we may new to RVA and working throughout Central Virginia, we're not new concrete.  For the last 6 years we've been dedicated to perfecting our trade while working diligently to study the craft of custom stamped concrete in the North West. We are excited to be in Richmond, with family and friends and to have the opportunity to bring our high-quality concrete craftsmanship to the beautiful state of Virginia. 

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