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Smith-Evergreen Concrete flooring is a great way to transform your original floors into something more durable, easy maintenance, and add an astonishing stain. From choosing many of our color stains resurfaced for polished smooth concrete surfaces that will match the interior or exterior style you have in mind whether it be at home; warehouses or restaurants. Smith & Evergreen has what everyone needs when they're looking for transformation through refinishing!

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The benefits of having a Smith-Evergreen Concrete Floors:
New Concrete Installation & Pouring
Driveways & Parking
Concrete Repairs
Damp Resistance
Fire Resistance
Concrete Refinishing & Resurfacing
Pole Barns & Garage Floors
+ A Range of Custom Projects & Work

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Smith-Evergreen Concrete floors are durable, resilient, and eco-friendly. Many homeowners have recently considered or decided to utilize this flooring for their space as it provides long-lasting benefits with low maintenance requirements throughout the years of use in your interior. Our team at Smith-Evergreen Concrete will deliver expertise through skillful workmanship which is timeliness! You can count on us when looking into new options of how people interact within their surroundings such as architectural elements like vaulted ceilings that allow natural light while also providing a warming feeling from being surrounded by detailed concrete surfaces instead of synthetic ones found in many homes today. Homeowners choose environment-friendly products because they know caring about our mother earth goes hand in hand alongside good business sense too. Let Smith-Evergreen Concrete make your concrete floors evergreen!
Whether you need a new floor for a brand new project or looking to repair a worn-out one. Concrete floors can drastically change the space inside and out of your home. Concrete floors inside of your home add a very modern look to the interior of any room. Easily maintained stained, polished, and stamped concrete floors look good every time. We would be excited to learn more and speak with you about your upcoming project, we'll take the time to understand what you're looking to achieve and provide you with a realistic and affordable quote.

Creating a new destination in your interior and exterior is every owner’s dream. Designing from concrete seat walls, water features, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, kitchens, furniture, to also concrete architectural accents. If you have a warehouse, retail store, barn, or showroom, you want something to magnify the interior. The kitchen needs the most foot traffic resistance especially with a surface that is easy to scrape up dirt, spills, and stains. When entering the home, you want to give the first impression to your guests who walk in. Entry, foyer, or mudroom need concrete flooring that has heavy foot traffic resistance and resists staining that makes a perfect stylish entryway into your home.

Concrete floors in Richmond are durable and easy-to-maintain options for any home. By installing concrete flooring, what will do is remove the original flooring and pour in the new concrete foundation. The concrete surface then will be cleaned getting it ready for staining, polishing, and resurfacing. The stain will depend on which finish you choose for your floors. Polishing the concrete flooring with your chosen stain and also having the option to add texture to the surface which can stunningly elevate the interior.

The final stage is applying the concrete sealer to guarantee durability and an easy clean. The timeline of installing concrete flooring will be, will depend on the square footage we are working on and the level of design we are trying to accomplish, and especially if we’re using existing concrete or pouring in a new concrete foundation. The best thing about sealed concrete flooring is that you won’t have to constantly worry about damage when dropping heavyweight on the surface. After a long period, there might be minor chipped areas that can be easily patched and refinished to restore its original gleam.

Smith-Evergreen Concrete flooring in Richmond is a popular choice if you have an existing foundation and a specific home style that needs additional stylish polish flooring to enhance the interior/exterior of the area. Many people choose concrete floors because they're long-lasting, less repair prone than other types of surfaces such as wood or laminate—and can provide that professional look without costing you thousands in the long run!

What our clients are saying

  • Sam and the team at Smith Evergreen are absolutely awesome. They did a great job, it turned out fantastic. My neighbors already asked for their info. Thank you!
    Mike Clute
  • My sidewalk is finally even, and our steps are nicely spaced!
  • Widening our walkway made our front yard so much more inviting
Welcome to Smith Evergreen Concrete, Richmond Virginia's newest concrete contractor. While we may new to RVA and working throughout Central Virginia, we're not new concrete.  For the last 6 years we've been dedicated to perfecting our trade while working diligently to study the craft of custom stamped concrete in the North West. We are excited to be in Richmond, with family and friends and to have the opportunity to bring our high-quality concrete craftsmanship to the beautiful state of Virginia. 

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