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Smith-Evergreen Concrete foundation is essential to any type of structural design. We make sure we avoid problems with the settlement and properly cure during development, all while adding steel bars or concrete posts for stability in your structure's final form! Your safety comes first at our company so that you can have a safe place where our priority is to avoid any small or big cracks, filled by these solid pieces built right into everything - from walls down through doorways too narrow without an enlarged entranceway propping them open just enough without causing more damage than good.

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The benefits of having a Smith-Evergreen Concrete Foundation:
New Concrete Installation & Pouring
Stamped Concrete
Driveways & Parking
Concrete Repairs
Patios and Pool Decks
Excellent Strutural Support
Concrete Refinishing & Resurfacing
Retaining Walls
Pole Barns & Garage Floors
+ A Range of Custom Projects & Work

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Foundations are key to any building's stability, and the right one can be driven by different things like size or texture. Smith-Evergreen Concrete distributors load evenly across their foundations which helps prevent uneven settling down the road! As you might imagine placement and depth/diameters of your footing become crucial in providing proper support for not just that particular structure but other structures too so make sure all these aspects match what is needed before proceeding with construction.
With the right foundation, anything is possible. Concrete Foundation success starts with an experienced and skillful contractor. The team at Smith-Evergreen Concrete is dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship in all our of your projects. New construction projects, home additions, shops, pole barns put a big emphasis on ensuring that the crew that you hire is doing the work right and with attention to detail. We have a deep passion and belief that if you're going to do something, do it right. Concrete is our job, it's what we do and do very well.

Building your dream home from the ground up is not an easy task especially if you're trying to make sure you have a sturdy structure. The process of building a crawl space or adding flooring to the basement is crucial for the base of the home. The Smith Evergreen Concrete team will make sure you are using a thick concrete slab foundation for the safety of you and your family in the home with also a magnified beauty. If you're looking for a more finished basement, we can do beautifully polished colored concrete flooring where you can have a marvelous entertaining area.

From mixing the concrete to pouring it, we mostly use a concrete pump that easily pours in the area. If we are working on a much smaller area or if our concrete pump can not get near the vicinity we want to pour in, we mix and pour the concrete by hand when necessary. Making sure measurements are done beforehand, and pouring it out evenly smooth the concrete to set to dry on a strong surface area of the ground. The concrete particles settle, squeezing water out of the pores and drying up to the surface. Building any type of concrete structure, we make sure proper measurements and the vicinity of the ground is the perfect place for the concrete. If you have an older foundation that is breaking down into the ground or cracking into more holes, we can remove the older foundation and pour in a new foundation for the ground.

Mostly concrete foundations will last a durable amount of time, but in the future, you will notice signs of the foundation in distress. You can eventually notice those signs on either the exterior or interior, such as broken or cracked foundations, separation around doors, windows, walls, and floors. Usually, the difference in soil moisture can cause shrinkage or swell underneath the ground. One of the ways we can repair the foundation is using sealants and masonry patches. If there are minor cracks along the foundation, we can simply patch up the cracks and cover them with a masonry sealer. The second method is MudJacking, which is used to lift the sinking concrete and level it. We mostly use this method to raise steps, walkways, garage floors, and driveways. A third method is inserting is piercing or pilling using a steel or concrete pier to resettle the foundation. This method does an excellent job long-term for your foundation.

Smith-Evergreen Concrete foundation of any building is the most important part. There are a few aspects one should look into when selecting between different foundations. Poured concrete foundations are typically found in a majority of homes and buildings. Unlike a huge building or structure, the poured concrete is more than enough to serve as the foundation. Smith-Evergreen Concrete offers stronger, drier, and better material to work with. They also offer better performance that block walls simply can't match at a reasonable price. The lack of needing to repair your foundation leaves room for the homeowner to improve other areas of their home.

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  • Sam and the team at Smith Evergreen are absolutely awesome. They did a great job, it turned out fantastic. My neighbors already asked for their info. Thank you!
    Mike Clute
  • My sidewalk is finally even, and our steps are nicely spaced!
  • Widening our walkway made our front yard so much more inviting

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Welcome to Smith Evergreen Concrete, Richmond Virginia's newest concrete contractor. While we may new to RVA and working throughout Central Virginia, we're not new concrete.  For the last 6 years we've been dedicated to perfecting our trade while working diligently to study the craft of custom stamped concrete in the North West. We are excited to be in Richmond, with family and friends and to have the opportunity to bring our high-quality concrete craftsmanship to the beautiful state of Virginia. 

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