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Smith-Evergreen Concrete patio elevates your backyard from decorating it in various colors to patterns. Giving the home an attractive exterior for you and all of your guests that want a little more than just outdoor living space, but not so much as an extension or replacement for their homes' interiors! Choose between our most popular types such as patios & fireplaces; these are perfect additions when creating ambiance outdoors whatever time of year - summertime cookouts or warm cozy firepits made possible with Smith Evergreens’ creative solutions at every level.

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The benefits of having a Smith-Evergreen residential concrete patio:
Outdoor Entertaining area
Customize Color and Pattern
Customizable Shape
Durable and Low Maintenance
Customize exterior concrete furniture
Pool Decks
Small concrete pad for Hot Tub
Concrete Refinishing & Resurfacing
+ A Range of Custom Projects & Work

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Concrete patios are an excellent choice for any family that enjoys spending time outdoors. They provide durability and design versatility, making them perfect additions to your backyard space or patio area! Smith-Evergreen Concrete is committed to helping customers install beautiful concrete projects like their own custom-designed walkway leading up towards the house - adding value with every step you take on its surface while also making guests feel welcome as soon as they drive up into view from afar.
If you're looking to elevate the look of your landscape and outdoor living, concrete patios can be an elegant, long-lasting solution to improving the space and grounds of your home. When you let Smith-Evergreen, your trusted concrete contractors in Richmond install a new patio for you, it'll be one that will stand up to the elements and can last for years. Stamped concrete overlays and decorative finishes will give your new patio extra details and beauty to the natural surface of the concrete. Choose from a number of decorative options, patterns, wood grain, and luxury designs.

If you have a wooden deck in place, we can create a beautifully finished stamped concrete patio surrounding a fire pit in your backyard. Perfect for an entertaining area if you want an outdoor fireplace or concrete patio built around your existing fire pit. A gourmet outdoor kitchen with a concrete counter can have an appealing touch to your landscape. We also know how hot tubs or portable pools can ruin the greenery in your backyard and sink into the ground. Without creating a sinkhole in the ground, we can place a concrete pad for your hot tub and portable swimming pool. We can also do custom-built concrete furniture for your swimming pool such as bar stools or layout chairs built in the water. If you're looking to create a more entertaining area on your landscape, Smith-Evergreen can build you a luxury lounge in your backyard perfect entertaining area for you and your guests. You have the option of adding a gorgeous flower bed around the patio which can intensify the landscape color in the area of your yard.

Establishing a concrete patio, we would need to determine the exact measurements of the area to construct the patio. To make sure the level of the concrete patio is balanced, we push down stakes in the corners of the patio area to give a picture of how it will fit in your backyard. We would then go ahead and remove all the grass and weeds on top of the surface of the ground. From there, we start digging into the ground and decide if you want the concrete patio to be leveled with the ground or raised. If you choose it to be raised from the original level of the ground, then we can insert compact material underneath the concrete elevating the entire look of the patio.

Smith-Evergreen Concrete Patios in Richmond are great for maximizing your backyard space and creating destinations. This will allow you to connect the various areas with welcoming pathways, focal points like seating walls or fountains that provide soothing sound when sitting back view their beauty while enjoying warm weather flows through one's body relaxing. Each personalized outdoor living room by Smith-Evergreen Concrete creates a memorable experience unlike any other!

What our clients are saying

  • Sam and the team at Smith Evergreen are absolutely awesome. They did a great job, it turned out fantastic. My neighbors already asked for their info. Thank you!
    Mike Clute
  • My sidewalk is finally even, and our steps are nicely spaced!
  • Widening our walkway made our front yard so much more inviting
Welcome to Smith Evergreen Concrete, Richmond Virginia's newest concrete contractor. While we may new to RVA and working throughout Central Virginia, we're not new concrete.  For the last 6 years we've been dedicated to perfecting our trade while working diligently to study the craft of custom stamped concrete in the North West. We are excited to be in Richmond, with family and friends and to have the opportunity to bring our high-quality concrete craftsmanship to the beautiful state of Virginia. 

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