Smith Evergreen Concrete Repairing Cracks In Your Concrete

April 22, 2022

Smith Evergreen Concrete in Richmond has always taken every step to ensure property owners have the perfect concrete landscape. Smith Evergreen’s Concrete with our techniques has also ensured that we can repair any concrete cracks you may have. Over the course of time, you may notice cracks in your concrete patio or sidewalk which are caused by the shift in the ground around the property. Depending on the structure of the building, typically commercial buildings are built around steel so it has more stability. There are other factors that can cause your concrete to crack over time. 

What Can Cause Concrete to Crack?

Smith Evergreen Concrete is known for its high-quality concrete work and they take great pride in taking your next project to the next level. If you notice cracks in certain places, it might be because of shifting ground around the property or even other factors like weathering on top of steel structures that cause more stability than residential buildings do which usually lean closer towards each other due to their weight above us; this heavier load can lead them sooner without warning! Smith Evergreen’s Concrete team has always taken every step possible during installation so homeowners never need to worry about any issues arising down. There are a few reasons that over time you may notice cracks or holes on your concrete, which can be easily repaired by Smith Evergreen Concrete. 

Smith Evergreen Concrete is an industry leader in concrete repairs. With years of experience, we can offer your project personalized service that will make sure every detail from design to stability is properly handled when working on a client's landscape installation projects. Our team has extensive knowledge about different products used by contractors across America today so you always receive only top-quality workmanship at competitive rates!

When you place a heavy object on top of your patio, like an air compressor or refrigerator for example – it can cause cracks in the concrete. This is because all objects have weight and if there are multiple tons pressing down onto them over time this could lead to pieces lifting up out from their foundation slightly due to cracks that eventually widen into larger fissures completely destroying both aesthetics and functionality. The Smith Evergreen team recommends avoiding putting anything bulky near patios at home since they may end up weighing more than just components of Smith Evergreens’ strengths. 

To ensure a strong and durable patio, driveway, or walkway for you to enjoy year after year Smith Evergreen Concrete will take care in creating joint placements around your concrete before pouring. These strategically placed joints allow room for sealants and coatings while preventing possible cracking that can happen when there isn't enough space between pieces during construction. It's important we get accurate measurements so our team members know exactly where they'll need their tools during installation!

Contractors who can't control the weather often end up with poor drying management issues. When concrete is left wet for too long, it becomes brittle and susceptible to bending or cracking when struck; this could lead you back into problems like water ingress which will cost more in repair fees! There needs to be an appropriate balance between adding enough moisture during mixing while still ensuring stability after drying- any less than what's required might result in weakened is pieces due to chains such as those seen here today. 

If you notice any holes or cracks along with your concrete patio, walkway, or driveway, our team at Smith Evergreen Concrete can easily help repair these issues. Give us a call today at (804) 999-4546. 

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  • Widening our walkway made our front yard so much more inviting
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