Stamped Concrete – The beauty inside your home

December 3, 2021

You probably heard about stamped concrete. It has its own unique decorating features not just for indoor surfaces, but also for exterior such as driveways. This type of concrete is also called imprinted concrete or patterned concrete. It’s very economic and versatile and can be used in almost all types of situations where grey concrete is not a good enough option.

Stamped concrete allows you to enjoy the looks of natural stone like brick, cobblestone, flagstone, slate but without having to pay a hefty price of actually installing that type of material or spending as much time as necessary in order to install it.

There are plenty of benefits that stamped concrete can bring into your home, and we have shortlisted 7. So here they are.

#1: Stamped Concrete Can Easily Be Paired with Another Decorative Look

If your home features a lot of open surfaces like a pool deck, patio, etc. you can combine different surface looks in order to define different activity “zones”. This can be easily achieved with stamped concrete. So, one area of your home can get a slate design while the other can get a river rock overlay. The combinations are endless.

#2: It Has Seamless Texturing

If you wish to combine two different textures, with stamped concrete you can do so without having any joint lines or seams. People often request that they have a slate feature because it can come in a variety of natural shades and colors. 

The same look can be accomplished by using natural slates, but they aren’t as durable as stamped concrete. Slates will eventually start showing signs of wear and tear. On the other hand, stamped concrete will last for a very long time (usually decades) and without any seams or joint lines, you won’t able to tell the difference.

#3: Extra Texture Design

If you wish to have a grouted stone look in your home (or around it) you can pick between a variety of stone patterns that are identical to life-like patterns like cobblestone, flagstone, brick, or slate. Stamps can texturize the same way as imprint stone shapes or stone tiles do. Furthermore, you can use stamped concrete as an overlay for your existing concrete slabs as they can be applied to the freshly poured concrete.

#4: Wooden Finishes with Stamped Concrete

Just like other stone-based surfaces, stamped concrete can successfully mimic faux wood finishes. So you could have an outdoor patio that looks like it’s made from wood, when in fact it’s not. The same approach can be used for porches, walkways, etc. 

One of the huge benefits faux wood stamped concrete has over natural wood is its durability and resilience. For example, with natural wood, you always have to watch out for dry rot, splinters, cracks, etc. But with stamped concrete, there is no need for it. Your new porch can look like it’s made from fresh and new wood or you can have a different style like it’s made from reclaimed wood. The style, look and color options are virtually endless.

#5: You Can Show Your Artistic Side

Aside from picking different patterns, natural stone (or wood) looks, you can also incorporate stencils or various logos with your stamped concrete. These stamped and hand-colored elements will become one with the rest of the stamped concrete and won’t wear off over time. Your options for designs, colors, and shapes are endless. You can, for example, create a nice focal point in your garden or patio, customize your driveway and make it just a bit more unique, and so on.

#6: Decorative Border 

If you’re on a tight budget that won’t allow for a full concrete makeover, you can also use only stamped concrete borders for the edges of your surface. You can combine this with a more economical resurfacing solution and still achieve amazing aesthetic results. There’s no need to give up on your dream of having a nice cobblestone or flagstone surface. Just simply add those types of borders and make your living space come alive.

#7: Combination of Faux Wood and Stone Vertical Resurfacing

Stamped stone is not meant only to be used on horizontal surfaces. All the different designs, styles, and layouts that we mentioned before (cobblestone, flagstone, faux wood, etc.) can be used both horizontally and vertically. 

Another added benefit of this is that vertical stamped concrete finish, whether stone or faux wood, can provide a realistic and natural look but in less time, less mess, and less money.

As you can see, stamped concrete can really make a difference in how your home looks and can provide additional “luxurious” elements without hurting your budget. If you would like to see faux stone or even wood elements inside your home, make sure that you contact Smith Evergreen Concrete and help up make your dream a reality.

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